EA Announces Release Date for Anthem

Leigh Mccormick
June 11, 2018

Fans can tune in to watch the EA Play conference on June 9 on the EA website, or you can catch all the action on Twitch and Youtube.

The new Star Wars game is called Jedi: Fallen Order and is developed by Respawn. Change the paint job, apply decals (one design looked suspiciously similar to the Mass Effect N7 suit), and even change the shape of the suit itself to suit your fancy. First up was the announcement of Sea of Solitude. "Instead of coming out of the gate and sprinting like we really wanted to, we had to take a step back and make sure that we were delivering a game that players really wanted".

Moving now to some Indie games, EA has come up with the sequel to Unravel which had a challenging puzzle platform gameplay.

Leveling up in Anthem is done by completing missions and defeating enemies to earn XP, it's possible that there will also be other ways to gain XP. These exosuits, called Javelins, will be available in four different varieties suited to different playstyles, and users will be able to cycle between them at will.

We are given a quick walk through of a four player mission and it looks colourful, diverse and absolutely gorgeous.

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[There will be] no ability to pay for gameplay advantage in Anthem. It's the area where you will prepare for the main story, customize your Javelin, experiment with your gear, and sort through your loot.

She explained that community feedback on other BioWare IPs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect has driven them to write the story in such a way as to leave opportunities to expand the universe and the lore later down the road.

EA have just revealed more about Anthem during their EA play show with three of the Bioware team on stage to talk about the game, General Manager Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and Lead Writer Catheleen Rootsaert. At the very least, we can rest easy knowing that Battlefield V and Anthem, two of the most exciting upcoming games, won't be reaching into our pockets at every given opportunity.

Now EA did have some great showings for indies and that deserves some credit.

As for the story, we're still only getting high-level details, but here's what we know.

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