Assad: Syria Must Get Rid of US Troops, by Force if Necessary

Casey Dawson
June 1, 2018

"This is the first option". If not, we're going to resort to ... liberating those areas by force. "Somehow, they are going to leave".

"The Americans should leave".

"They looked for another card".

He also warned that the United States should learn the lesson of Iraq and remove its troops from Syria. Iraq is no exception, and Syria is no exception.

"The majority of the people who were against the the different liberated areas, actually in their hearts they are with the government", Assad said.

Syria's army, depleted fro years of war, is unlikely to be able to expel even the small number of USA troops in the country as a practical matter.

According to him, Russian Federation last month deterred a larger-scale Western attack on Syria. He denied reports that Iranians have been killed in Israeli strikes.

Assad did not dwell on it during his RT interview, but Russia is making moves to muscle Iran out of Syria to preserve regional stability, avert a destabilizing conflict between Israel and Iran's terror proxies, and grab the lion's share of Syrian reconstruction business for Russian firms.

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Russian ally Assad initially embraced President Donald Trump's election, but USA allegations that the Syrian leader was behind toxic gas attacks and subsequent US airstrikes have split the two.

The observatory said: "Jordanian-American-Russian consultations are taking place about several points concerning the stay of the rebel and Islamic factions operating in Daraa, in exchange for handing over their medium and heavy weapons, and the entry of Russian military police".

Assad said in an interview broadcast on Thursday that the state would recover the swathe of northern and eastern Syria controlled by the SDF, either through negotiations or force.

In northern Syria, Turkish and U.S. officials last week agreed on a "roadmap" for further cooperation to ensure the security of a Kurdish-held city which became a major headache between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, according to a joint statement.

Asked if he had a similar nickname for Trump, Assad replied: "This is not my language, so I can not use similar language. It represents him, and I think there is a well-known principle, that what you say is what you are".

It added that "any force or members belonging to the Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah and their affiliated militia will not enter, and the border points will be handed over to the regime's police and its border guards, and also the area will be managed by local councils that will be formed from residents of the area". We don't have any other options, with...

Israel's Channel 1 television said the conversation touched on a possible arrangement for there to be no Iranian presence in southern Syria closer than 70-80 km (40-50 miles) from the Syria-Israel frontier.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned his government would not allow Iran to maintain a military presence anywhere inside Syria. The terrorists, he said, took aim at Syria's air defenses as their primary target, something that reveals they are serving Israeli interests.

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