LA, Irvine among USA cities with biggest population growth, census finds

Casey Dawson
May 25, 2018

"We knew that the state continued to lose population, as did Cook County and now we see the city. It's broader than just a city problem". Those cities' population estimates now stand at 198,829 and 116,986, respectively. Similarly, Los Angeles, Seattle, Charlotte, N.C., Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, had large influxes of people without making a significant impact on the broader population.

This surge in population in the Sunbelt probably has been going on - "in spurts" - since the 1950s, said William Frey, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program in Washington, D.C. While jobs have been added in the area, the economy is not growing as quickly, she said.

Although population growth might be down, the housing market is not. Aberdeen anchors an area of growth that extends to the south. "The 14 largest U.S.cities have not changed since 2016". But this year, the 2016 number was updated to reflect a loss of 4,879 residents.

Housing unit growth last year remained below 2007 levels in almost all states except North Dakota (up 1.0 percent last year, compared to a 0.9 percent increase in 2007); the District of Columbia (up 1.1 percent, compared to a 0.9 percent increase in 2007); South Dakota (up 1.4 percent, compared to a 1.2 percent increase in 2007); Iowa (up 0.9 percent, compared to a 0.7 percent increase in 2007); and Nebraska (returned to the 2007 growth rate of 0.8 percent). But experts warn that doesn't necessarily mean the exodus from the city and state is about to end.

"The growth right now is on the fringe of the city", he said. And Illinois dropped from fifth-largest to sixth-largest state in 2017. "When people look to move to Paducah, they look for housing", Harless added.

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According to those numbers, 882 more people live in Salem than do in Eugene, which maintained a population edge over its northern neighbor until 2013.

Every other year since the start of the decade, the growth rate has been close to two percent, or more.

Indeed, cities across IL saw their populations drop, according to the census figures released this week.

Belleville has seen a 6 percent drop since the 2010 official head count. Peoria lost about 1,500 residents, according to census figures.

Bend is again one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with a population approaching 100,000.

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