Project Kinect for Azure combines AI and Microsoft's next-gen depth camera

Steve Phelps
May 8, 2018

The company also revealed during today's event that Office 365 now touts more than 135 million active commercial users.

Microsoft is seeking to advance its big push around the "intelligent edge" with a rollout of new capabilities and technologies for developers. Data is being collected from aerial and ground sensors and analyzed using artificial intelligence models running on the Azure IoT Edge platform.

Microsoft has also announced that users will be able to access Timeline on an iPhone with Microsoft Edge.

The number comes at a time where users are increasingly shifting their compute time to mobile devices, but Microsoft is working hard to make Windows part of this journey, with new cross-platform apps like Your Phone and Timeline on iOS and Android which would mean users can seamlessly move from their phone to their PC to get work and play done. Explaining how this works, Sam George says "Azure IoT edge enables Azure services and your own code to escape the cloud and be deployed on devices and managed remotely". The offering is aimed at bringing AI to solutions for the edge and will be available next year.

In addition to these user-facing initiatives, Microsoft will give developers access to new tools and APIs to create enterprise apps.

Updates to Microsoft's Bot Framework, used for integrating chatbots, will offer improved dialogues and customisation of voices and personalities.

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A preview of Project Brainwave, an architecture for deep neural net processing, is now available on Azure and on the edge.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), for example, simplifies the process for building out container-based apps.

The announcements cover three key development areas- Azure Kubernetes Service, Visual Studio IntelliCode.

Microsoft is also releasing an update for Visual Studio App Center (via TechCrunch). And on the opening day of Build 2018, the company made its mission very clear: "Help every developer be an AI developer" across any Microsoft platform.

At Microsoft Build 2018, CEO Satya Nadella said now is the "era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge" for developers.

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