Breathtaking Pictures of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption

Casey Dawson
May 8, 2018

They could eventually consolidate into one powerful vent, as has happened in some previous Hawaii eruptions, Stovall said. The number of lava-venting fissures in the neighborhood grew overnight from eight to as many as 10, Stovall said, though some have quieted down at various points. Much of the area filled with lava in just four hours.

Aerial photos published by NBC affiliate KHNL showed a river of lava surging through houses with tidy green lawns surrounded by rows of trees.

Puna has thick jungle as well as dark fields of lava rock from past eruptions.

Authorities have evacuated a late part of the southern region near Kilauea, as further earthquakes threaten to cause further damage. In some cases the eruptions were so violent, lava spewed more than 200 feet in the air. Kilauea has been in constant eruption for 35 years, though it predominantly erupts basaltic lava in effusive eruptions that mostly flow into the ocean and occasionally experiences explosive eruptions.

Although no significant lava flows have yet formed, additional outbreaks of lava, which can reach temperatures of about 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit (1,150 Celsius), were expected.

And the lava appeared to be extending further from its fissures, the large volcanic cracks through which it flows. But when he saw lava tear through the streets near his Leilani Estates home, he knew he needed to leave. On Friday, lava spatter was being launched over power lines.

Hundreds of people have evacuated from Leilani Estates, a community of about 1,700 people, and Lanipuna Gardens.

Authorities warned that the air quality remained troublesome and that the roads were still under very unstable conditions, and residents could be required to leave the area if conditions became more hazardous.

Residents of Leilani Estates were highly advised to evacuate.

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Cracks in Kilauea volcano's rift zone - an area of fissures miles away from the summit - erupted Thursday and early Friday, spurting lava near the island's eastern edge.

On Thursday it started gushing out of the fissures that opened in the housing estate.

'Kilauea ranks among the world's most active volcanoes, ' says the US Geological Survey (USGS), 'and may even top the list'.

The island was hit by a powerful 6.9 magnitude natural disaster on Friday. Although the quake could be felt across much of the archipelago, the worst shaking occurred in an area with no neighborhoods or businesses. "We had some pauses yesterday, but there seems to be a lot of magma underground".

When that pressure built up, the surface around that had to move _ producing sudden earth movement on a fault plane that separates the ancient sea floor and Kilauea volcano.

A state of emergency is in effect on the Big Island.

Meanwhile there were several fresh eruptions sending up fountains of lava 30m (100ft), destroying several homes and leaving fissures on three streets.

"The area continues to be unstable with volcanic venting and related hazards of natural disaster and poisonous gases ongoing", the Hawaii Civil Defense Agency said Saturday night.

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