Hardball from China amid Iran nuclear deal

Casey Dawson
May 4, 2018

Color us skeptical. We comment specifically now, as he prepares to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital, Jerusalem. "Israel did not join in this action", he added. The security cabinet of Israel had conducted an emergency meeting on Monday to resolve and discuss about the increasing tension between Israel and the northern neighbours.

Iran has no nuclear weapons.

Syria is destabilized. Syria is ripe for intervention by any country.

As if being a nuclear aggressor was not sufficient, the state of Israel itself is an apartheid state, reserved for Jewish people and none other. Unlike Israel's many invasions and military incursions, Iran, a poor country, has not invaded any country for over 250 years. Questions about Israel's nuclear bombs have not been juxtaposed with Israel's desire for the U.S.to overthrow the Iranian regime or bomb Iranian installations. But the imminent collapse of the pact upon which Rouhani staked his credibility, even in the face of heated domestic opposition, may lead the world down a far darker path.

Prior to the missile strikes, there were differing opinions in Tehran about the potential measures Trump might take in Syria.

Major European banks and businesses continue to shun the Islamic Republic for fear of falling foul of remaining US sanctions, hampering Iran's efforts to rebuild foreign trade and lure much-needed foreign investment to its economy.

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This would be vital not only for Israel but for the US. But recent hostilities between the two could be bringing the nations to the brink of an all-out war. Prior to Trump's presidency, this kind of sentiment was confined to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and elements of the hard-line camp in Iran. Every statement he makes indicates that the minute the U.S. has defeated the last pocket of ISIS in Syria, the USA is pulling out - let the chips fall where they may. "We hope Russian Federation will take into account our interests". "That means in a few years, the USA will be left with a stark choice: military action or living with a nuclear-armed Iran". Some saw this same dynamic in the negotiations leading to the nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, Kayhan, the most prominent conservative outlet in Iran, wrote on April 15, "These threats and attacks have reinforced our belief for the need to work harder to strengthen our missile capabilities".

This photo released by the Israel Defence Forces shows what was believed to be a nuclear reactor site that was destroyed by Israel, in the Deir el-Zour region, 450 kilometres northwest of Damascus, Syria.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just held a press conference to confirm what we've been telling you for years. Despite the literal injunction against nuclear weapons for Iran, the deal (unsigned by anyone on any side) was not created to end Iran's pursuit of nuclear capability, military or civilian.

All these optics of Israeli-American closeness notwithstanding, we are watching Trump for what he does in Syria.

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