Snap Introduces New Spectacles w/ Waterproofing, Smaller Profile, and Higher Price Tag

Steve Phelps
April 27, 2018

For a start, Snap has introduces three new colourways and a tweaked design.

Spectacles are a pair of camera glasses.

While initially considered a niche product because of its limited usability with only Snapchat and its sketchy availability, the new version of the Spectacles could drive better adoption. It's also available in new colors: black, red and blue. Buyers can select from two lens shades and a number of different frame colors. These changes will hopefully to alleviate some of the loss Snap experienced with their first generation Spectacles. People will be able to get a pair when they want them, instead of hoping a Snapbot shows up in their area, or paying a scalper an outrageous markup on eBay. Prescription lenses cost an additional $125.

With expectations that the company will be working on 3-D capable video glasses in the future, this version would be a stepping stone for hardware development to produce consumer-friendly camera glasses for the market. Snap says that its business model was the problem, not the product.

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It also said it wanted the Spectacles to let users "live in the moment" while they snapchatted their lives. The price includes the case and the charger for the glasses. According to Snapchat, the new glasses are more comfortable and lighter even though they look identical to the version one. As for the second version of Spectacles, certain features will come into play like dual cameras and Global Positioning System navigation. Their first set of Spectacles, released in late 2016, gave users the ability to take videos, providing a unique first-person view that offered users a new means to record their most treasured and interesting experiences.

First, the basics: Spectacles 2 cost $150-$20 more than the first-generation version-but feature a more streamlined form factor that fits "more easily in a trousers pocket", according to the Verge. A single tap on the Spectacles' button will start recording. The vending machines would pop up in locations around the United States every few days, which made Spectacles a lot harder to come by.

As rumored, the new Spectacles are water resistant, so you can snap all your beach or poolside antics without worrying about breaking them.

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