Venom's Trailer Used Music From the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Kelvin Reese
April 26, 2018

Also, fans of the comics are quick to note (possible spoiler ahead) that we never see Venom's chest, which might mean he doesn't have the iconic white marks on it, which would make sense because he got those from fusing with Peter Parker. Finally, the naysayers thought that a lacking Spider-Man isn't on par with the origin story. First, Hardy's eyes begin to change.

Hardy said he is particularly excited that his son will be able to see "Venom".

I'm not against a Venom movie per se.

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"Venom" will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Hardy stars here as investigative reporter Eddie Brock who is on the trail of Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), head of the Life Foundation, an organization which houses a number of alien symbiotes that they use to perform risky scientific experiments on humans. Now we can move on to discussing more important things, like whether or not the CGI looks expensive enough, or how you properly pronounce symbiote. "The way I see it, we could do whatever we want". The dynamic on display between Brock and and the symbiote is actually pretty interesting. After failing to get their Amazing Spider-Man reboot to connect with audiences, they released a series of similarly received duds to theaters. Eddie soon finds his body invaded by one of these creatures and battles to use his new powers for good, not evil. Spider-man completes Venom. Still, it is happening. The Venom movie, however, is clearly a sci-fi horror tale. But with rumors of more Marvel characters appearing in the film, popular fan artist Boss Logic imagined how the other symbiote that fans tend to favor would appear on the big screen.

Based on the new footage, it's clear that Hardy's Eddie Brock will be the deeply conflicted anti-hero from the pages of the comic book.

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