United Kingdom tenders apology as protesters tear Indian flag at anti-Modi rally

Kelvin Reese
April 23, 2018

Earlier at the World Economic Forum meet in January, Ms Lagarde said that she had suggested PM Modi to mention the women of India enough in his speech to the summit.

In a veiled message to Pakistan, Modi said in London that "antics of those exporting terror and trying to backstab us will not be tolerated" and "they will be answered in a language they understand".

Mr Modi, who is now visiting the United Kingdom, had claimed on Wednesday that before making the news of the "surgical strikes" public, India had repeatedly attempted to contact Pakistan government to inform them about the operation.

When asked about recent incident of cross border firing on Pak-Afghan border, Dr Muhammad Faisal said both the sides were continuing negotiations to address their misunderstandings.

Staffan de Mistura calls for de-escalation in Syria
Mr Lavrov suggested that the US Congress could be responsible for inciting "Russophobia" in an attempt to unite America. However, he admitted that the engagement is not now being prepared.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has said that they expect "legal action" to be taken against those protestors who brought down the Indian flag, which was officially hoisted along with the flags of all 53 Commonwealth countries. After a complaint by the Indian authorities regarding the incident to the Foreign Office and Scotland Yard, a replacement flag was put up. A UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said, they are disappointed with the action taken by a small minority in Parliament Square.

The UK Government has tendered an apology after Indian authorities complained that the Indian flag in Parliament Square was pulled down, torn and stamped on by individuals protesting against India. The flag has been replaced.

"Hindu nationalism must be curtailed to avert India sliding towards wholesale dictatorship threatening democratic fabric, rule of law and the unity of India", a Caste Watch UK spokesperson was quoted as saying by PTI. "Enquiries continue", a Metropolitan Police statement said. "Shutting us up or being violent towards us defeats their own goal of being heard", she said.

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