Qualcomm Cutting Jobs to Live Up to Promise of Slashing Costs

Kelvin Reese
April 20, 2018

Qualcomm recruited around 33,800 employees in both full and part-time positions, as of September 2017, according to company filings.

The company went on to specify that it plans to offer severance payments to those affected.

US CHIPMAKER Qualcomm has begun laying off around 1,500 staffers in California in a bid meet a $1bn savings commitment made to investors.

The cellular technology company revealed the size of the mass layoff through required Worker Adjustment and Re-Training Act (WARN) notices.

The precise number of layoffs anticipated for each of Qualcomm's offices wasn't specified in today's report, however they certainly wouldn't be the first of the chip-maker's large-scale workforce reductions.

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The company pledged to cut costs earlier this year as part of its effort to fend off a hostile takeover attempt from chip rival

Back in March, Trump blocked Broadcom from pursuing a hostile takeover of USA rival Qualcomm, ruling the proposed combination would imperil national security.

As reported by Reuters, a spokesperson for the USA chipmaker said on Wednesday that "Qualcomm is conducting a reduction of our full-time and temporary workforce".

This isn't the first time Qualcomm has cut jobs. Qualcomm has other major locations in the state and around the world.

The chipmaker has been ramping up its operations since then to improve earnings growth.

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