Facebook Sued For Collecting Data On User Faces

Javier Stokes
April 18, 2018

The report further suggests that Baser has revealed that the social media giant receives data from the third-party apps and services even if a user is not logged in their Facebook account, or doesn't have an account altogether. "This is because other apps and sites don't know who is using Facebook".

Facebook is also making public the answers to 40 questions through a series of blog posts named Hard Questions. Cookies help with identifying unique visitors and recognize which visitors are Facebook users to provide aggregated demographic information such as age and gender. The browser shares your IP address so the website knows where on the internet to send the site content. However, one glaring omission from this face-saving campaign is the details on how exactly can non-users access the data that Facebook collects on them and delete it if they wish to. Kaiser clarified the goal of the quizzes was to gather information by enticing users to log in using their Facebook accounts and accept a range of permissions.

The British data analytics consultancy had approached a firm that advises companies on how to structure an initial coin offering, an increasingly popular online fundraising scheme involving the issue of a new digital currency, the sources said. Facebook points out, correctly, that when you visit most sites, your data is actually being mined by several companies, every time. While that is valid, it can likewise utilize that information to target advertisements that it offers all the more precisely at its users, and can better comprehend what its users are doing on the web. The most obvious one is of course, using Facebook to log into a website. Cookies and device identifiers help us determine whether the person uses Facebook.

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The researchers labeled suspicious ad-buyers as groups with pages that have been inactive, inaccessible, removed or banned by Facebook since the election and there was no information available publicly about them. "We can also use the fact that they visited a site or app to show them an ad from that business - or a similar one - back on Facebook".

The government is "examining" the responses furnished by Facebook, and its vendor Cambridge Analytica, over the data breach issue, even as it keeps a close watch on global developments, especially in the USA and United Kingdom, a senior official of the IT Ministry said on Tuesday.

Zuckerberg's snub comes as he willingly testified before 44 senators in Capitol Hill last week after news that third-parties accessed millions of Facebook users' data without permission prompted an global outcry.

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