John Oliver bought Russell Crowe's jockstrap for the last Blockbuster in Alaska

Kelvin Reese
April 17, 2018

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver has a gift for the nation's remaining Blockbuster video rental stores in Alaska: the jockstrap Russell Crowe wore in Cinderella Man. Having found that the state of Alaska still has a few last Blockbuster Video stores, Oliver chose to help them get a "fun, movie-themed way to draw people in".

"All of this s*** is yours", Oliver said, addressing the store's manager during the segment, "just call us in the next 48 hours, and we will send it to you".

"If only there were a fun, movie-themed way for them to draw people in", Oliver muses, adding that Planet Hollywood lets people dine with precious movie artifacts.

John Oliver confirmed he bought Russell Crowe's jockstrap.

Oliver first tried to play coy about the jockstrap purchase, telling his audience last night, "The bad news is, we didn't buy it...we did, though". Even that sentence is absolutely incredible to say out loud.

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The Last Week Tonight host told viewers on his lastest show that he bought Crowe's jockstrap from Cinderella Man. Because streaming services are extra expensive in Alaska, Blockbuster still reigns there, and Oliver promised that if Alaska's remaining Blockbuster contacted the show, they'd be able to display Crowe's memorabilia there.

U.S. late night talkshow host John Oliver revealed on his show on Sunday night that his Last Week Tonight programme had purchased the movie memorabilia item for US$7000, as well as several other "pointless" things. I'm sorry", Oliver said, before revealing, "We did though.

"What happened, it was 4am over here and you know what happens when you start late night shopping late at night. If we do get it, it could be very big for business".

Crowe threw a big-ticket auction last weekend to celebrate his recent divorce from wife Danielle Spencer, putting a whole bunch of his belongings, including movie memorabilia and musical instruments, under the hammer.

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