A Quiet Place roars at box office, John Krasinski gets his blockbuster

Kelvin Reese
April 10, 2018

"A Quiet Place" is as much a drama about the trials and tribulations of parenthood as it is a post-apocalyptic creature feature.

There's no introductory montage to set things up, a la "The Fellowship of the Ring". Her character worked under Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), who was an editor-in-chief at the fictional Runway magazine. No "Flash Gordon"-esque opening crawl to get us up to speed". Let's just say, as a family, they are ideal. The film opened in eleventh place with $4.1 million. This is some genius-level narrative economy right here.

According to Woods, the two are pretty happy that they didn't stick to that plan, and appreciate the fact that Paramount's executives weren't amenable to it. I just got out of A Quiet Place, you have to go see this movie! The feelings of dread start building with the shot of a fallen traffic light that opens the movie and doesn't stop building until the movie's climax. "Would that make it feel just as disconcerting and just as uncomfortable and tense?"

The acting is great, too.

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The London-born actress actually rejected the role of Evelyn Abbott, a pregnant mother, at first, but she subsequently performed a U-turn, telling John he had to "sack" the other star he'd approached for the part. "Even though the fall can be scary and sometimes the end result can be bad, when the end result is good, it's the best moments that you'll ever have in your life".

"We live in a world now where you see all these movies, like Marvel movies, and there's so much sound going on, so many explosions", Krasinski said in another interview, to New York Times.

It is labeled as a thriller - and there was plenty of suspense throughout - but there was a lot of tragedy in the film, as well. Dialogue is sparse, with the characters communicating with sign language. Other sounds are amped up to heighten their dramatic impact. "A Quiet Place" was just the shot in the arm that the industry needed. The picture showed Krasinski and Blunt with Reynolds photoshopped next the couple. It marks an unlikely breakthrough for Krasinski, the former "Office" star many associate more with inter-office romance and deadpan expressions than silent cinematic frights.

My own experience watching A Quiet Place was one of the most remarkable of my life. "You can't predict what's going to happen, what's going to catch fire and what's not, so if I make the choice for me, and not because I'm contracted I think that's an exciting prospect". Had that not happened, the film would not have been made and been given the chance to score the stellar reviews it's now enjoying. Take your imagination with you. Some even went as far as to consider it a fatal blow to the art form they had come to love, now being replaced by an imposter that was inferior in every way.

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