Patrick J. Adams planning to buy Meghan Markle a healthy wedding gift

Kelvin Reese
April 8, 2018

Jennifer Hudson has offered to sing at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - but also admitted that she didn't realise Meghan was a fellow American!

Meghan Markle visited her mother in LA to discuss plans for her upcoming wedding. The trials took place at the University of Bath Sports Training Village. It's wonderful for the British people, and the Queen especially, she's such a lovely person.

With just six weeks to go until her nuptials, all eyes are on the royal bride-to-be - but she continues to impress with her fashion choices.

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One user wrote: "Shame on Marie Claire for this nonsense about Meghan Markle and a grey hair", while another said, "Thanks Marie Claire for confirming that I'm not missing anything other than everyday sexism by not buying your magazine".

Another athlete Stephen Sebburn said he talked to Markle about everything from his Invictus sporting event to his family life. "It will also be an opportunity to meet some of Harry's relatives for the first time". She asked loads about me. It will also touch upon the questions related to Meghan as she is an American and a divorcee. "It's great that she's here and so supportive".

"The vision for the wedding will really be Meghan's and Jessica's". In 2017, Markle accompanied Harry to the games where the two were snapped watching the wheelchair tennis match and sat together at the closing ceremonies. The couple may also be visiting Canada during the global tour. Experts believe that Meghan's immunity to the spotlight is due to the fact that she was already an established celebrity before she started dating Harry.

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