Democrats Claim Victory In Wisconsin's Supreme Court Race

Casey Dawson
April 7, 2018

Jay Heck knew something was up Tuesday afternoon when he headed for his polling place on Madison's east side. That is less than half the 50 percent average for the past four midterm elections.

First, about 1 million people voted in the spring election, while 2.4 million or so will likely vote in November.

"I believe the role of a judge is to apply the law as we find it, not based on our personal or political beliefs, but based on the statutes and the constitution", Judge Michael Screnock, a candidate said his campaign platform was.

Liberal Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet defeated conservative Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock. Dallet garnered 56 percent of the vote in Tuesday's election. Biden recorded a robocall for Dallet that went out on Monday night encouraging people to vote for her.

Dallet said via Twitter that she wanted to serve her state in a big way and show her daughters that "it's important to fight with everything we have". Her victory Tuesday narrowed the conservative control of the court from 5-2 to 4-3.

Also on Tuesday, voters soundly rejected a constitutional amendment favored by conservatives to eliminate the watchdog office of state treasurer.

"Enough people, after they're offended enough, are motivated", he said. "It demonstrates a strong pull in the direction that Wisconsin could be headed in the fall election".

"Women absolutely need to be at the table", Dallet said.

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As is typical in these races, political groups were on track to outspend the candidates.

Screnock was appointed to the bench in 2015 by Walker, after having served eight years as a private attorney, during which he defended the governor's anti-union law against legal challenge and legislative Republicans redrawing of voter boundaries to their own advantage. He ran a thoroughly disingenuous campaign, claiming, against all evidence, to be free of ideological or partisan leanings. The liberal Greater Wisconsin Committee has spent about $650,000 on ads attacking Screnock.

Dallet says Screnock will be a "rubber stamp" on the court for Walker, the Republican Party, WMC and the NRA. It refused to do so, and Screnock uttered not a peep of protest. The family of the victims, who were effectively identified when the grandfather was named, pleaded with the group to stop running the ad.

The Wisconsin Republican Party is spending about $400,000 to help Screnock, who has been endorsed by Walker.

Another Screnock supporter from Brookfield, 37-year-old Vincent Bortolotti, says he voted for Screnock for "his conservative values" and thinks the election results will show a favorable trend for state Republican candidates in the midterms.

"Republicans are perhaps a little complacent after some of the wins that they have had", he said.

"If you look at the results of Supreme Court races in Wisconsin for about 12 years, whenever there was a showdown election between somebody who is right of center and somebody who is left of center, the person right of center always won", he said. The General Election for that race will be on November 6th.

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