Fortnite vending machines, hints at more Overwatch PvE, and intriguing teaser trailers

Leigh Mccormick
April 6, 2018

The big addition to battle royale with this week's content update is the Vending Machine. Battle Royale will be getting vending machines that let you exchange materials for loot, and will also see the return of the High Explosives mode.

Each vending machine offers three different deals, with rarities, items and weapons all chosen at random.

It doesn't make much sense for Epic to put the Fortnite Vending Machines in set locations as if they were in the same places every game, players would be camping them. But unlike in the past, this would not arrive as a part of a new update the players have to download; instead, it is like a delayed rollout for the contents of the earlier patch.

Get more insight into the covert ops team of Blackwatch (led by Reaper, before he donned the skull mask) in the latest Overwatch comic, which could be setting the stage for a new Overwatch Archives mission being added to the game later this year.

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Epic has kept a pretty consistent update schedule for Fortnite, introducing a new patch almost every week. "These will be called Content Updates".

Yay more Fortnite news.

The Vending Machine Locations have been pinpointed on this map. The rarity of the received item is shown on the vending machine's screen. The vending machine would display each at a time and gradually rotate through them. In the image Epic used as an example (above), players could trade in 500 pieces of wood to purchase a rocket launcher. They'll also operate on a timer cycle, so you'll have to time going to the machine properly...or just whack it with a pickaxe to speed the timer up.

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