Stephen Colbert 'apologizes' to Trump, calls out CNN for 'lies'

Kelvin Reese
April 2, 2018

"Fake news!" Colbert exclaimed.

Colbert joked that President Trump was right about his criticisms of CNN. Featuring bandleader Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human, the show is broadcast from the historic and newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theater.

Stephen Colbert has been known to throw punches President Trump's way with nightly monologues and headline skits that criticize the president and his administration.

This is arguably historic, as any avid fan of the late show host would know how he has always been a staunch critic of the Chief Executive of the United States.

Stephen Colbert has a solution for #DeleteFacebook-ers who want to escape from the social network's data collection but still enjoy the things they like about it - Amishbook, i.e. Facebook, "without the electricity".

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While Donald Trump has given out a number of offensive nicknames to others during his time in politics, it appears that the president has gotten a taste of his own medicine, something that has brought nothing but joy to Stephen Colbert. CNN's Bolton blunder even prompted Colbert to say something nobody ever thought he would: "I take everything back". "This may be the best news I've heard all day". "Last night, we had my old friend Dana Carvey on the show, and he did a fantastic impression of the new national security adviser, John Bolton". The current headline on CNN's website reads: "Iconic "SNL" star spoofs Trump staffing pick".

"C'mon, CNN, this isn't SNL", he continued.

"You got three things wrong in three letters", Colbert marveled. But in the end, the Late Show host was just happy to be a part of the news cycle, saying, "Still, it's nice just to be recognized".

Stephen Colbert finally found something to agree with President Trump about.

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