Overwatch teasing new Uprising event for April

Steve Phelps
April 2, 2018

In that hunt, a Twitter post by the official Twitter account hints at the return of their infamous Uprising event. The city was heavily damaged in the attack, and Overwatch, going against orders, sent in an elite team to deal with the uprising.

Fed up with being told not to intervene, Overwatch's commander disobeyed orders by dispatching agents Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn into the heart of the uprising.

The cooperative mode featured during last year's Uprising event has 2 variations of the same mode.

However, that may not be entirely true.

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A teaser video rolled out on social media teases the return of Overwatch's Uprising event, which first appeared in 2017.

This is Overwatch's most recent limited-time event, following February's Lunar New year event. That the event was revealed with such little fanfare makes clear that a larger reveal is still planned, likely to cover the event's special game mode and any new lore that comes with it.

The skins for the Uprising event past year were pretty sweet, I was definitely partial to the Mercy loot. Or just another secret mission that lends insight into the modern state of the in-game world? You can see a brief teaser video in the tweet below. Blackwatch characters and story elements might also be included, after some eagle eyed fans noticed a glitch at 00:13 that changes the file to Classified, the realm in which Blackwatch operates.

This year's Uprising event needs to do a flawless job in explaining Blackwatch's focus and setting the ground for Talon's motives. That remains to be seen, but one of the more popular theories is that the upcoming event may show the moment when the Blackwatch team betrayed the rest of the Overwatch.

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