Nintendo Announces Several Indie Switch Games in Nindies Showcase

Leigh Mccormick
March 21, 2018

A look at indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 was provided earlier today during a short presentation.

First up to get the ball rolling was Mark of the Ninja Remastered from Klei Entertainment and releases this Fall on Nintendo Switch. In all, there were more than a dozen games featured, and we've rounded up the basic details on all of them below. It will run you $11.

Just Shapes & Beats is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

"As the epic conclusion to the award-winning Banner Saga trilogy of mature, story-driven role-playing games, players will need to brace themselves for tough battles, hard choices and tragic losses".

From developer Stoic Games and publisher Versus Evil, the third installment of the franchise will come to the Switch and include the same outcome story that fans love about the series. The viking-based strategy title is a summer release. This is one chicken you won't want to eat.

If you missed the livestream above, here's a roundup of what was announced.

Players will Lay eggs, which are bombs, to escape various situations and to discover secret areas.

Chicken Platforming? Sure, why not, answers Bomb Chicken! This gives the classic puzzle game an HD coat of paint, along a remastered soundtrack. Light Fall will be a timed exclusive for the Switch when it launches later this spring.

Musical bullet-hell game Just Shapes & Beats will be available this summer. There are over 100 levels to complete and local multiplayer for up to four players.

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After that came Fantasy Strike, a fantasy-themed fighter with all sorts of weird fighters and abilities.

A new trailer was shown for the previously announced Light Fall, while a new speedrun mode was announced. It is also in development for PS4. The Messenger features both 8-bit and 16-bit gameplay and graphics, inspired by both eras of platformers. It has local multiplayer as well, so you can play against your friends when this releases on Nintendo Switch this spring.

Pool is a pretty standard game right?

Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, players will assume the role of a monarch listening to requests from peasants, allies, and enemies in Reigns King and Queens. If you can't wait until then, the Reigns: King & Queen Bundle is available through Steam. West of Loathing is coming to Switch later this spring as a console exclusive.

Garage (spring): a top-down retro arcade horror game infused with "VHS style" graphic effects. Slay hordes of the living dead using a variety of weapons and skills. In turn, Baker said, the Big N is looking to make big improvements to the Switch's Nintendo eShop marketplace.

Pode is a co-op puzzle game inspired by Norwegian art and culture.

The story of a little rock helping a fallen star find its way home. As the duo travel, Bulder and Glo will "breathe life into an ancient sleeping world", and explore the ruins of a long lost civilization. Below is a list of all the games that were announced as part of the showcase, as well as information such as genres and Switch version release windows.

Pool Panic is the latest announcement from Battle Chef Brigade publishers Adult Swim Games.

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