49 dead from plane that crashed while landing in Nepal

Kelvin Reese
March 15, 2018

Aviation authorities said they had recovered the flight data recorder from the charred wreckage of the plane, which burst into flames after crashing into a football field near Kathmandu airport on Monday killing 49 people.

Miscommunication between air traffic controllers and the pilot of US-Bangla Flight BS 211 is being blamed for the fatal plane crash on Monday in Kathmandu that killed at least 51 people and injured 20.

The leaked conversation between the pilot Sultan and an air-traffic controller reveals moments of confusion over which end of the runway the plane should land from after it circled the airport twice. Soon after, the plane caught fire.

"Sultan was experienced, quite familiar with the airfield and the aircraft", US-Bangla spokesman Kamrul Islam said.

The airline's chief executive says there was confusion from the control tower, but the airport manager has not confirmed the claims. This is mandatory for any pilot to fly over there. "It's abnormal." Obviously, it is hard to land at the TIA given its vast terrain, but pilots who fly in Kathmandu are "specially trained".

The plane, which was heading from Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, to Kathmandu, was carrying 67 passengers and four crew members.

"I thought I was going to die because I inhaled a lot of smoke, but I did not want to die", Huggain said from her hospital bed, recalling how she was pinned in her seat after the crash. Others include 32 Bangladeshis, one Chinese and one Maldivian.

The UBG211 flight was en route to Kathmandu from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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That moment Monday appeared to result from minutes of confused chatter between the control tower and the pilot of the US-Bangla passenger plane, as they discussed which direction the pilot should use to land on the airport's single runway. "It had no technical glitches".

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal did not directly confirm the authenticity of the transcript, saying publication of such exchanges went against the law, Reuters reported.

The latter responds and says "We would like to land on 20" and he is cleared to land on that end of the runway, the report said.

Seconds later, the controller orders firetrucks onto the runway.

The ATC reacted: "That's good, but do not land".

The captain said he would land from 20, the northern end.

Chettri said most global flights are directed to runway 02 but depending on wind conditions, flights are also requested to use 20. "But our team will be there to give support to their probe committee", he said.

Airport operations were back to normal yesterday, while the wreckage of the aircraft lay on a piece of ground near the runway, guarded by security personnel. "And we stand by the bereaved families of those who lost their loved ones". "He did not. It could be due to being years junior and fear of the power gradient in the cockpit", another pilot said.

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