Samsung Electronics to release Galaxy S9 smartphones in India next week

Leigh Mccormick
March 10, 2018

In late 2016, we heard about the potential for Samsung to incorporate Synaptic's display-embedded optical fingerprint reader for the Galaxy S8, but that never came to be.

Kuo also said that Samsung is still facing some problems with putting an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Note 9.

The device industry - and the component industries that supply it - desperately need a breakthrough, like foldable displays, or week-long battery life, to renew demand in what has become a commodity business. As of now, the Galaxy S8 has received more than RM600 off its original price since its launch 10 months ago, therefore if you aren't in a rush for a new smartphone, you might want to wait for just that. There is only one in a million chance of a random person unlocking an iPhone X, which is much higher than Touch ID's 1 in 50,000.

What if Samsung had copied Apple's notch? When it comes to shooting in the dark, however, Samsung is the victor. Almost every time I captured photos in dim environments, the Galaxy S9+ was able to grab a cleaner and clearer shot than the iPhone X. That's thanks in part to the S9's improved camera, which can now adjust its aperture to f/1.5 or f/2.4 depending on the lighting.

If the Galaxy S9 series smartphones are performing poorly in the market, that's unfortunate, but not entirely surprising.

Holiday declared for Telangana women staff on March 8
Interestingly, there is a marginally inverted pay gap in the experience group of 3-5 years, where women are earning more . But it has also become a day to highlight the struggles, inequality and oppression women still face in modern society.

Near-borderless displays are becoming very common these days. Samsung, however, has a slightly different approach because their displays have ever so slightly curves over the left and right edges of the phones. That would mean the whole of the front of the Note 9, more or less, would be given over to the screen. I often found this to be smoother than making sure the S9's camera lined up with my eyes properly for facial recognition.

Most of the speculation about the Note 9 centres around what might happen with the display.

If you'd like to reserve one of these phones, you can pre-order a unit starting today.

The dual-aperture lens of the back of the camera gives users the option to choose either the widest aperture possible on camera smartphones at the time of writing, f/1.5 or the more conservative f/2.4 in manual mode.

It is worth mentioning that the company has recently launched Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in India.

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