How year-round daylight saving time would affect SWFL beach business

Casey Dawson
March 9, 2018

If Florida gets a green light, residents will not have to set the clocks back in the fall and continue using the extra hour. Time reports that you could use daylight saving time to help reboot sleeping habits.

Daylight Savings was instituted by Germany during the First World War to save energy-probably so there would be more coal for the war effort. The province, however, adopts Central Standard Time for itself year-round, nullifying daylight saving time. (Interestingly, Navajo lands in Arizona do observe daylight saving time.) Hawaii also refrains, because it is so far south it doesn't really have all that much of an effect anyway.

If approved, Florida would be making the opposite move those states and territories that have opted to stay on Standard Time made.

Arizona and Hawaii haven't observed daylight savings time since the late 1960s. Congress would need to approve the change because right now DST is federal law. That bill enacted the first observance of the time change, March 31, 1918.

He pointed out that even though Daylight Saving Time means losing just one hour, it has large health consequences.

The original idea of daylight saving time originated from Benjamin Franklin in 1784.

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Daylight saving time will end November 4, when clocks will fall back to standard time.

Keep in mind to "spring forward" this Sunday if your state or region observes daylight saving time.

Most of the Caribbean: Cuba, the Bahamas and Bermuda are generally exceptions, in that they do observe DST.

Supporters noted that some studies suggest that daylight saving time changes can lead to an increase in heart attacks and auto accidents. In Arizona, observing DST would mean using cooling systems for an extra hour and thus using more energy, defeating the goal. They also said disrupting sleep patterns with a time change can cause problems such as tardiness, fatigue, decreased motivation and decreased alertness.

Nowadays, much effort is not required in changing clocks as in the USA smartphones, computers and digital clocks all "spring forward" on their own.

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