McDonald's cuts cheeseburgers from Happy Meals

Leigh Mccormick
February 17, 2018

In 2016, the fast food joint with the famous golden arches removed artificial preservatives from Chicken McNuggets served in the U.S. And now, Mickey D's is changing up its Happy Meal in an initiative to offer healthier and "more balanced" options.

Starting this year in the USA, cheeseburgers will no longer be listed as a Happy Meal choice, but will still be available upon request.

The company wants to make a push so the meals are under 600 calories and under 650 mg of sodium, with less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat and less than 10 percent of calories from added sugar.

"Under the new goals, all Happy Meal bundles advertised to children will meet McDonald's new global nutrition criteria and will continue to meet any existing local/regional advertising pledges with respect to marketing to children", according to the release. They will also be shrinking the size of the portion of fries that come with the meals, and making their chocolate milk less sugary.

According to McDonald's, the changes mean 100% of Happy Meal combinations in the United States will be 600 calories or fewer by June of this year.

If there was a big movie or TV show being released, that meant the cheap meal became even happier as there would often be a plush toy or collectible in every box.

In a bid to make the meal healthier, the multi-national corporation will be removing the famed cheeseburger and chocolate milk.

Olympic medalist Cindy Klassen and Ronald Mc Donald load up a Happy Meal in Calgary as part of Mc Happy Day
Olympic medalist Cindy Klassen and Ronald Mc Donald load up a Happy Meal in Calgary as part of Mc Happy Day

Reformulating chocolate milk to reduce the amount of added sugar.

The data research firm Sense360 calculated a year ago that McDonald's sells 3.2 million Happy Meals a day.

"From day one, Healthier Generation knew our work with McDonald's could influence broad-scale improvements to meal options for kids everywhere", said Dr. Howell Wechsler, chief executive officer of Alliance for a Healthier Generation, in a statement.

The five new commitments announced this week include a desire for 50 per cent or more of Happy Meal combinations to be 600 calories or less, with 28 per cent now meeting that criteria. Calories, sodium and sugar fest!

The number of customers choosing milk or juice with Happy Meals increased to 46 percent, compared with 37 percent before the menu board change, McDonald's said. McDonald's announced the changes today.

Burgers and chicken nuggets are still the mainstay of the Happy Meal.

More people are attempting to lead healthier lifestyles and it seems that McDonald's is following the trend. Although parents can order them in Happy Meals by request.

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