Marvel Studios Wants Ryan Coogler to Return For Black Panther 2

Kelvin Reese
February 16, 2018

Crucially, Black Panther is not an origin story.

Also starring Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis among others, the film releases in India on Friday.

"Black Panther" continues rolling out around the world this weekend and will be in close to 70% of the worldwide marketplace by Sunday.

While many fans convinced themselves that Black Panther would have explicit ties to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Coogler most definitely made the right choice by keeping those links disparate at best. That's the reason why you, for me, it's one of the reasons why I get up in the morning and I do what I do.

A new series, just launched last month, Rise of the Black Panther features writer Evan Narcisse and a group of artists led by Paul Renaud retelling the origins of the hero in a way that places him deep within the greater Marvel universe without sacrificing the individuality and uniqueness of what makes T'Challa such a great character. What Ryan Coogler does well in Black Panther, he does exceedingly well - what he can't fully do is shake the inevitable constraints that come with the genre.

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"It was like, man, this is what it feels like", Jordan, who plays the villain Erik "Killmonger" Stevens in the film, said.

What Black Panther really puts into focus is the aim of the superhero genre.

One of the most highly-anticipated Marvel films is hitting the big screen across the country.

Tell us what you think! Earnest and hopeful where Priest's earlier take was sarcastic and misanthropic, it's a counterpoint to much of what had come before, demonstrating the breadth of potential inside T'Challa.

"There's actually a couple of kids that I've connected with while I'm shooting Black Panther and would literally, when I was exhausted, I would just think of them".

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