Google Home Max edges HomePod out in sound quality tests

Leigh Mccormick
February 15, 2018

It also makes the $39/£29 AppleCare+ additional warranty a diligent purchase those shelling out for the smart speaker. One HomePod is surely better than one Sonos One. Obviously, Siri is super for voice control of specific music or for suggesting playback based on an activity. Sorry, she can only handle one at a time. If a second HomePod is placed in the same space, the speakers will recognize each other and automatically deflect and balance their audio to create an immersive, surrounding stereo experience.

Perhaps the most baffling omission though is in regards to HomeKit.

After the HomePod is working, you are safe to delete the Music app if you really don't want to keep it around.

The bottom line? Overall the sound of the HomePod was a bit muddy compared with what the Sonos One and Google Home Max delivered.

Some new HomePod owners are hitting a problem that prevents them from setting up the device. That can't be replicated on HomePod, at least not yet.

With the downside behind us, there are some good things to talk about.

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iFixit did its usual job of acquiring the latest gadget from Apple and taking it apart while documenting the whole process.

Yes, it took an actual hacksaw for the iFixit team to get into Apple's HomePod smart speaker. After I reinstalled the Music app, my phone invited me to sign up for an Apple Music trial, and I did.

However to each their own, as there are some who might consider boomy bass to be a bad thing, while there are some who might prefer having a more flat/neutral sound.

If users happen to damage the HomePod as a whole, the fix cost goes up considerably to a whopping $279 for US-based users, £268 for United Kingdom users and $399 for Australian HomePod owners.

However, there's a way to get another music streaming service to play through the HomePod. The HomePod is largely Apple's direct competitor to the Google Home Max. Not only would it work as a Siri-powered voice control assistant, but the new HomePod would also serve as a hub for smart devices.

If you fall in the Venn Diagram of "hardcore audiophile" and "Apple enthusiast", then maybe the HomePod is for you. These songs are both largely acoustic, and I'd say that songs from this genre perform particularly well on the HomePod.

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