Canada changes national anthem lyrics to be gender-neutral

Georgia Reed
February 2, 2018

The Senate voted on Wednesday to change the words "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command" in "O, Canada".

The country's senate approved legislation to change the second line of O Canada from "true patriot love, in all thy sons command" to "true patriot love, in all of us command".

O Canada, the country's official national anthem has been changed after a long a bitter debate.

The current bill was introduced in 2016 by Mauril Bélanger, a Liberal MP, who died later that year.

"Our anthem will very soon be gender neutral, promoting Canada's commitment to the equality of sexes and women's rights", she said.

'This may be small, it's about two words, but it's huge... we can now sing it with pride knowing the law will support us in terms of the language. "It's inclusivity and I'm proud".

The bill had stalled in the Senate as Conservatives fought its passage, but it won Senate approval on a voice vote Wednesday after a pair of procedural votes. It looked promising until a block of Conservative senators whom Wright described as "pale, male and stale" refused to allow the bill to be voted on. Frances Lankin, who sponsored the bill.

"Because we don't have a pledge of allegiance our anthem serves a dual objective, not only for us to say thank you to Canada, but for Canadians to commit to help to build Canada", Wright said.

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O Canada! Our home and native land!

"Oh Canada-we stand on guard for thee", he added, quoting the last line of the national anthem.

Conservative senators were furious that Manitoba Sen.

After 18 months of debate, the bill passed without amendments in the Senate. The French language version uses different lyrics and does not include the same line. Known as Bill C210, the movement changes the lyrics from the original "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter after the vote to share the news, which he called another step in the right direction.

Mauril Bélanger's campaign to make Weir's anthem gender-neutral again will be accomplished when the Bill receives formal Royal assent.

'This is an issue for the Canadian public to decide not just a couple of Independent senators'.

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