Chinese Man bites Apple's iPhone battery to explode, 4.45 million people witnessed

Leigh Mccormick
January 25, 2018

A man at an electronics store in China made a decision to test if a new smartphone battery was genuine by biting into it. Just before we get into the details, let us warn you that "Don't bite your iPhone battery". Not just because it's risky but because it wouldn't prove anything. That said, there are enough real examples of phone batteries exploding that it can not be immediately dismissed as fake. Other products you shouldn't bite include Gossip Girl DVDs and the Google Chromecast.

If you look at the video you can see the man bringing an iPhone battery up to his face, then biting it, and as he removes the battery from his mouth, it explodes.

An Iphone 7 Plus is displayed at Puerta del Sol Apple Store on September 16, 2016 in Madrid, Spain. The battery after the explosion flies in a direction where nobody is standing.

The man hailing from the Chinese city of Nanjing was caught on camera biting an iPhone battery but what is seen just moments after is an explosion that fortunately leaves no one injured.

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The authenticity of a smartphone battery cannot be verified like that of a gold coin.

Apparently testing the authenticity of electronics with your teeth is a bad idea, according to the experience of a man in an electronics store in China.

Surgeon General's warning: biting your iPhone battery maybe hazardous to your health.

Apple defended the move in a statement saying: "Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices". But like we said, people are eating Tide Pods so need reminding.

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