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Steve Phelps
January 20, 2018

The "Speed Update" is only using the page speed signal to measure and look for the "slowest" experiences.

Of course, Google's end goal is to give a better experience for mobile users of its search engine.

Google has announced that page speed will soon become a factor on mobile searches, with pages which have the slowest experiences suffering the full brunt of the tech giant's plans.

Of course, page speed will not be the only factor used to determine the ranking of mobile pages.

Google said the "Speed Update" applies the same standard to all webpages regardless of the technology they're built on. As such, a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

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Google also most recently began rolling out its new search index to several sites to fulfill its promise of favoring the mobile version of pages over their desktop version. At the moment, it's not yet clear if the same algorithm change will be adapted to desktop users as well.

Generally, websites with fast loading pages will get a higher ranking in search results than those of the same quality content but with slower page speeds.

Chrome User Experience Report, a public dataset of key user experience metrics for popular destinations on the web, as experienced by Chrome users under real-world conditions. The Chrome User Experience Data?

Another tool that website owners can use to evaluate mobile page performance is called Lighthouse, Wang and Phan said. By April of a year ago, Google News started giving priority to news articles published on AMP sites.

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