Nintendo share price gets billion dollar boost from Labo toy launch

Steve Phelps
January 19, 2018

Nintendo Labo, launching April 20, allows kids to create their own cardboard devices called Toy-Con and then interact with them using Nintendo Switch.

The line of accessories, called Nintendo Labo, contain modular cardboard sheets that can be folded into a variety of playthings - such as motorbikes, fishing rods, pianos, houses or robots.

Each construct works using a different feature of the Switch: the auto uses the vibrations of the Joy-Cons to make it move, while the piano uses the infrared cameras on the Joy-Cons to detect reflective tape on the keys and subsequently play the right notes.

Once connected to the Joy-Con controller, the Labo project becomes a digitally augmented toy. A cardboard fishing rod can be used to reel in fish on the Switch's screen, or it can give you a peek inside the cardboard house you just made. Nintendo is adding a new way to play with its latest initiative, Nintendo Labo.

If you thought Minecraft was the best thing for kids on the Switch, get ready for Nintendo to (once again) blow your mind.

For example, you can plug the console's controllers into the auto, and it will move around thanks to the controllers' vibrations, responding to users' input from the Switch's touchscreen. Materials to construct two RC Cars are included.

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Nintendo Labo will initially release with two different kits.

As I sat there, under the glow of my monitor with the playful Nintendo Labo tune playing, my 10-year old son walked by to tell me YouTube had suggested Jake and Logan Paul for him and he wanted to know how to remove that suggestion.

Nintendo Labo also seems to draw from Warner Bros.

Labo comes in standalone kits, each with an assortment of designs and parts (like rubber bands and eyelets), as well as Switch cartridges holding the software.

Nintendo Labo is one of their most unique ideas yet.What is Nintendo Switch Labo? In case you want to get extra creative, they'll be selling extra packs with stickers, stencils, tape and the like for 10 bucks when the kits launch.

The most stunning one of the bunch has to be the Toy-Con Piano, though, which has 13 working keys that are recognized by the IR Motion Camera in the right Joy-Con. The Switch's detachable Joy Con controllers are then inserted, with their sensors detecting movement such as turning a corner to manipulate games on the screen.

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