Homeland Security Head Says What She Heard During Immigration Meeting

Leigh Mccormick
January 17, 2018

The statistics also included terrorism-related charges for attacks or other offenses carried out overseas, rather than inside the United States. David Perdue, R-Ga., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., - claimed over the weekend that the media and Durbin misrepresented the president's comments.

"There was a lot of rough talk by a lot of people in the room", Nielsen said, adding she could not recall specific words. "The president used tough language in general, as did other congressmen in the room, yes sir", Nielsen responded. Nielsen also did not confirm Trump's "shithole" comment.

But the chances for a deal seemed to be much worse now than a week ago, when the President in a Tuesday meeting had told lawmakers to do all they could to reach an immigration agreement.

"Being from Norway is not a skill", Leahy said.

Nielsen, in Tuesday's interview, said the Oval Office meeting was "very impassioned".

A fact sheet sent out by the White House lists five individuals who came to the US based on the systems Trump is hoping to end.

As for the unfinished DACA deal, Nielsen said her staffers had still been working with Senators to try and bridge the gap on a possible deal, as one veteran Republican urged all sides to compromise. "But I imagine that is the case".

To another question from Durbin, Nielsen said Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., who called it "unacceptable" that she could not "remember the words of your commander-in-chief".

Booker said the president disparaged immigrants in New Jersey who serve as entrepreneurs and service members.

He asked why nations such as Norway did not immigrate here. "That I can tell you".

Nielsen acknowledged to Sen.

Nielsen says without legislative change, DHS will continue to see thousands of terrorists a year attempt to enter the United States.

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A visibly frustrated Sen.

Lindsey Graham of SC said Trump had drastically changed his tune on a compromise immigration bill just before the Thursday meeting. Durbin asked if Graham was repeating exactly what the president had said.

Asked about Trump's comments, Durbin said, "Politics ain't beanbag". Now, I don't know where that guy went. "I want him back". After Booker's parents tried to put a bid on a home and were turned down because they were black, a white couple made an offer that was accepted and then Booker's father showed up at the closing with a housing attorney. The concept and the context I believe in which this came up was a concept that the president would like to move a to a merit-based system (for immigration).

One option Republicans are strongly considering to win over Democrats, according to two aides familiar with the GOP's planning, is attaching a long-term renewal of the Children's Health Insurance Program to the stopgap.

"The President made a broad characterization when he talked about people who came from Haiti and African countries versus people from Norway", CBS anchor John Dickerson said.

A southern border wall has been a promise of the Trump's since his presidential campaign began.

Defense hawks, in particular, are livid at further delaying a planned boost in military funding.

"The president is insisting on something that is physically, legally impossible as a condition", said Durbin.

"Do we have arrangements with them to pay for the wall, as President Trump promised the American people he would do?" he asked, raising his voice.

"I am not aware. That, of course, that means you can't commit a crime".

"When he denigrated Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa ... he didn't say it was because we need more PhDs or skilled workers", Leahy said.

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