Drunk man leads police to hotel room arsenal

Kelvin Reese
January 1, 2018

Houston police said they had yet work out whether the man had any intention of using the weapons and are yet to release his identity. The officer called for what's been described as urgent backup around 1:30 a.m. when his attempts to subdue the man failed.

The hotel said in a statement to the newspaper they have organized extra security for New Year's Eve.

The man is now in police custody, facing charges of trespassing and unlawful carry, and as of mid-morning Sunday, reportedly waiting to sober up before investigators can continue with their questioning. Police found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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When cops took him back to his room, they found "several guns", Macintosh said.

Officers went to his room on the 28th floor to get his things and that's when they made the discovery. Police said responding officers found a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun in his room, plus ammunition. Please be assured that heightened security measures are in place and will continue through the hotel's New Year's Eve celebration this evening.

Police in North Carolina discovered thousands of doses of heroin, a gun, and human teeth on a man detained during a suspected shoplifting investigation on Christmas Eve. The bash is supposed to span four floors and will ring in the New Year by dropping 50,000 balloons.

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