Vanity Affair Apologizes For Suggesting Hillary Clinton Take Up Knitting

Casey Dawson
December 29, 2017

Liberal elite magazine Vanity Fair says it is very sorry it offended its subscriber base by suggesting Hillary Clinton move on with life and take up new hobbies like knitting.

However, Twitter commenters accused Vanity Fair of using veiled sexism to criticize the first woman ever to secure a presidential nomination from a major USA political party, according to The Washington Post. Surprisingly, the video did find one defender: conservative talking head Tomi Lahren.

The hashtag was started by Mrs Clinton's former adviser Peter Daou.

A spokeswoman for the publication told TheWrap: "It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark". "We made silly new years resolutions for a bunch of politicians", she said.

"I blew up all the tweets and I framed them all", said Carter in the New York Times.

Vanity Fair, trying to defuse criticism of a video mocking Hillary Clinton and her presidential aspirations, drew the derision Thursday of the man who defeated her in the 2016 election.

Kosoff, meanwhile, has been met with an avalanche of vitriol for her role in the gag, prompting her to make her Twitter account visible only to those she allows to see it.

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Sarah Jones, a writer at the liberal magazine The New Republic, observed that "criticizing Hillary Clinton is a guarantee that you're going to get days of really vile abuse directed your way online and it sucks". Carter has been a critic of Trump's for many years, calling him a "short-fingered vulgarian" in the 1980s.

Others called out the publication for taking a shot at Clinton's career.

That conundrum must have left Donald Trump's addled brain a little tuckered out because the slam that did come out was a garbled mess - in which he said Anna Wintour is "begging for forgiveness".

Anna Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of VOGUE since 1988, NOT VANITY FAIR.

This wasn't the first time Trump has gone after Vanity Fair; he's sent dozens of tweets about former editor Graydon Carter, who led the magazine for a quarter century, over the years.

But on Thursday, Trump couldn't resist a poke.

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