ARMS 5.0 Launches New Character, Enters Maintenance Mode

Steve Phelps
December 24, 2017

Unfortunately for Arms fans, the final update marks the last big one from Nintendo.

The latest update for Nintendo's brawler, ARMS has dropped, introducing the usual balance and bug fixes but also bringing about a new character to the fighting ring.

For reference, let's go over what was added to the game since launch: five different characters, four of which came with three new Arms each, plus five stages, in a game where stage design absolutely matters. Previously hinted at in older story updates, we are now officially bearing witness to the rise of Dr. Coyle.

The featured new Arms include the Lockjaw, Parabola, and the Brrchuck seen in the announcement video. You can check out the full patch notes below. Take a look at Dr. Coyle in action with her reveal trailer below!

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Dr. Coyle happens to be the director of Arms Lab.

New stage [NAME REDACTED] added. If you start Grand Prix at level seven, the game will default to strong computer opponent from the start.

Meet Dr. Coyle, creator of the Party Crash program!

Fixed issue in online play where the healing area created by HP Juice would sometimes shift position. She plans to become the most powerful fighter in the Arms roster.

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