Technically, Florida State shouldn't be playing in a bowl game this year

Georgia Reed
December 23, 2017

Florida State signed uncommitted four-star 2018 CB Isaiah Bolden.

The Seminoles and the Golden Eagles will meet at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Shreveport, La. However, they were able to rack up enough wins in the end to become eligible for a bowl game.

They will still be allowed to play in the game, though.

The rules of bowl eligibility in college football are relatively straightforward, but sometimes six wins do not count as six wins.

"For an FCS opponent to be countable towards bowl eligibility, the FCS program must have awarded at least 90% of the FCS scholarship limit".

According to Reddit user bakonydraco, Florida State's win over FCS school Delaware State, a 77-6 blowout on November 18th, may not count towards the Seminoles' bowl eligibility per NCAA rules.

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Dawsey, who has been with the Seminoles for 11 years and also played at FSU, was informed of the decision Thursday.

It was the second successive season Southern Mississippi was losing heavily to Florida State, having lost 98-49 on December 6, last season.

The 6-6 Florida State Seminoles are now preparing to face Southern Mississippi in the Independence Bowl on December 27th, but very detailed report posted on Reddit questions whether Florida State is officially bowl eligible, just days before the game. The Seminoles rescheduled the game, which had been postponed indefinitely due to Hurricane Irma, to give the players a chance to play their way into the postseason and continue the streak. That said, OH stumbled into the postseason having last two games in a row... and they've also lost three bowls game in a row... and, dammit, UAB is just too good of s story for it to end any other way than with a win.

The report found Delaware State's average of scholarship grants-in-aid per year in football during a rolling two-year period was 54.815, or equivalent to 87 percent, short of the 90 percent threshold. He said only Wisconsin asked for verification of the numbers and that was done with a simple letter stating UNI was in compliance.

Instead, it's just the latest bad news for Florida State.

After beating Delaware State, Florida and ULM consecutively, the Noles received a bid to the Independence Bowl at 6-6.

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