Trump's judge nominee withdraws after 'worst two minutes on television'

Javier Stokes
December 19, 2017

The excruciating Petersen video went viral after Sen.

But during his confirmation hearing he was unable to answer a series of questioned posed by Sen.

"I had hoped that my almost two decades of public service might carry more weight than my two worst minutes on television", he said. "However, I am no stranger to political realities".

Petersen is the third person Trump has nominated to withdraw in the past week after drawing criticism and Democrats and others about their qualifications. Truthfully speaking, Petersen was no more prepared for the federal bench today than he was when he was nominated three months ago. Appointing someone as inexperienced as Petersen can have a serious domino effect, profoundly impacting the lives of others and could and could change the legal landscape permanently.

It doesn't sound like the president cares if a few of his nominees go down. Petersen was the only one to raise his hand so Kennedy focused his questions on him.

Kennedy also asked Petersen if he knew the definition of a motion in limine, which is used to exclude evidence at trial.

KENNEDY: State or federal court?

"When's the last time you read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?"

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"Uh, I believe no", Mr Petersen said.

Update: White House official says the Trump judicial nominee whose qualifications were questioned by Republican senator has withdrawn his nomination, the Associated Press reports.

Petersen did anything but solidify Kennedy's vote.

Liberal groups that have opposed most of Trump's judicial nominees applauded their latest victory. Nonetheless, Senate Republicans still supported these nominees because their goal is to fill every federal judicial vacancy with partisan Republicans. The Senate confirmed 12 of his circuit court judges this year, more than any president has gotten in their first year since those courts were created in 1891.

Petersen's demise follows those of fellow district court nominees Brett Talley of Alabama and Jeff Mateer of Texas. A day after Grassley told the White House to think about the nominees, their nominations were pulled.

The decisions made and opinions written by federal judges constantly shape public policy, molding the kind of society we live in today. "Judges in the D.C. court usually handle one of two types of cases; the most frequent would be cases involving administration agencies, which Matt Petersen has a great deal of experience with".

"Just because you've seen "My Cousin Vinny" doesn't qualify you to be a federal judge", Kennedy said.

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