Google's new Datally app helps you track and conserve your mobile data

Leigh Mccormick
December 1, 2017

Google on November 30 launched a new app created to help Android smartphone users understand, control and limit usage of the pricey data packages, especially in countries such as India.

The app is available globally on the Play Store and will run on phones with Android 5.0 and higher.

During a trial in the Philippines, users saved up to 30 percent of their data, Google said.

Basically, the new Datally app shows how much data each app is consuming and at what time the data is being used up. Once you turn Data Saver on, the ability to then lock those apps individually from using data is easy. "Control and limits data on specific apps while still enjoying the apps you want". It's also key in less developed nations as Google tries to expand with its "Next Billion Users" push. From there, you can decide on an app-by-app basis how much data they should consume. We are liking the app's function and even the name which seems to be a wordplay on data and tally. From there you can decide which apps should be allowed to continue sucking up bandwidth by hitting the little lock icon next to the app.

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Previously known as Triangle, the new software should allow people to save up to 30 per cent of their data, according to its creators.

That's where Google's new app Datally kicks in: It claims to help people save some data and thus, some money. It lets you individually restrict apps from accessing your mobile data, and also activate a "Data Saver" mode which restricts a list of apps entirely. Google has released an app of its own which can help curb the extra costs that could be incurred due to this. If you're in range of a public network, Datally's Wi-Fi finder will notify you and help you connect. As you navigate around your phone, a little Datally bubble appears overlayed above the app, providing real-time data usage information.

This app launch also comes a bit late in day for India, which has seen data prices fall dramatically since the launch of Reliance Jio.

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