Google listens to the people and changes their burger emoji

Steve Phelps
November 30, 2017

After a long wait, Google has fixed the construction of its burger emoji illustration and placed the cheese in its correct place - on the top of the patty. Starting from Android 8.1, all of the Android users will be presented with the "right" burger emoji in which the cheese will be placed above the meat patty and not below.

It was provoked by Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, who tweeted a screen shot of Apple and Google's burger emojis side by side, raising questions over where the cheese should go.

On Oct. 28, Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that he would "drop everything else" in order to address the controversial placement of the slice of yellow American cheese below the patty, not above it. Well, he kept his word.

Left is wrong and right is right obviously but what about that second reflection in the beer mug? I'm not sure everyone will be pleased with that second reflection

Other food fixes that are set to come include a new beer-mug emoji, which previously showed a frothy head at top of a half-empty glass and the cheese wedge emoji, which showed an edge line running through holes in cheese, as per a post in Emojipedia. The discussion was exclusively based on the placement of cheese in Google's burger emoji.The discussion gathered a lot of attention on Twitter and many other social media platforms. Apparently, the designer gave the wrong answer to this and implemented it in the Android 8.1 OS update. The website is regarded by many as the Wikipedia of emojis.

The world took issue with the company's burger arrangement - cheese was put between the meat and bottom bun - sparking debate about how a good burger is arranged. This was when the tech giant served Android burgers to staff at the beginning of November in its Seattle office. It will be in its rightful place above the patty once the update rolls out. Moreover, the "Cheese" emoji also get a three-dimensional look to make it more realistic. In Android 8.0, the mug had a weird space between the beer and the froth, but Android 8.1 fixes that by bringing the beer all the way to the top.

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