Coffee oil-based biofuel to run London's buses

Javier Stokes
November 21, 2017

Both also revealed that the biofuel being produced, which includes coffee oil, can be used in the buses without the need for modification. "We've started in the UK, but imagine the potential of a country like The United States that drinks more than 164 billion cups of coffee a year", he added.

Waste coffee grounds would be used to help fuel some of London's buses, Royal Dutch Shell and clean Tltechnology company, Bio-Bean said on Monday. Shell and bio-bean believe that waste can be turned into B20 biofuel to power a third of London's bus networks.

Waste coffee grounds are dried and processed to extract the oil.

The project, which is in collaboration with Shell and Argent Energy, makes the biofuel through blending fats and oils, producing 20% biocomponent, which is then mixed with mineral diesel.

The operator of the public transport system in the British capital, Transport for London have been looking for the opportunity to move to a less environmentally harmful fuel.

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Londoners consume an estimated 20 million cups of coffee each day, which adds up to roughly 200,000 tons of coffee waste over the course of a year.

BUSES are now powered by coffee. About 6000 litres of coffee oil have been produced - which can power one diesel bus in London for a year. "It's a great example of what can be done when we start to reimagine waste as an untapped resource".

Bio-bean collects and processes 50,000 tons of coffee grounds a year, reported The Times.

"A good idea can come from anywhere, but with the scale and commitment of Shell, we can help enable true progress", said Lynch in a company statement. Bio-Bean also offers bio-mass pellets and Coffee Logs, which can be used on stoves and open fires. If it were exclusively combined with the mineral diesel that would produce enough fuel to power a London bus every day for a year.

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