Jubeir Calls for Firm Stand against Iranian Interventions in Arab Countries

Casey Dawson
November 20, 2017

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told an Arab League meeting in Cairo that his country would "not stand handcuffed" in the face of what he called "Iranian aggressions".

The foreign ministers of the four Arab states met in the Egyptian capital Sunday ahead of an Arab League meeting later in the day.

At Saudi Arabia's request, Arab foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting in Cairo.

"The silence on these brutal attacks of Iran through its agents in the region will not make any capital of an Arab country safe from these ballistic missiles", he said.

While not mentioning Iran by name, he said Lebanon condemned all attacks against Arab nations, but blamed exploitable inter-Arab divisions that allowed global and regional powers to promote their interests.

Eisenkot said Israel is willing to share intelligence with Saudi Arabia to confront Iran.

Saudi Arabia has accused Tehran of involvement in the firing of a ballistic missile at Riyadh this month by Yemen's Iran-allied rebels. The top military official then said his country was ready to share intelligence on Iran with Riyadh.

He said his country was targeted by a total of 80 ballistic missiles fired by Yemen's Iranian-backed Shi'ite rebels since the kingdom in 2015 led a coalition to fight them alongside the internationally recognized government there.

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"A decision was taken that Lebanon would be presented by Antoine Azzam, the permanent representative to the Arab League", a source from the ministry told Reuters. "After IS - Iran", Liberman added.

Both Saudi Arabia and Israel view Iran as a main threat to the Middle East and increased tension between Tehran and Riyadh has fuelled speculation that shared interests may push Saudi Arabia and Israel to work together.

Ibish said that given the mutual threat perceptions shared by Israel and Gulf Arab countries, it is unlikely that covert ties are not developing.

Speaking before Al-Jubeir at the 20-minute session broadcast live, Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit was just as critical of Iran as the Saudi minister.

His son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly formed a bond with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Lebanon, where Hezbollah is a key member of a coalition government, and Iraq, a majority Shiite nation bound by close political and religious ties to Iran, stated their reservations about the harsher parts of the resolution, including one that branded Hezbollah a "terrorist" organization.

"Iran created agents in the region, such as the Houthi and Hezbollah militias, in total disregard for all global principles", said al-Jubeir.

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