Wanted: This pickup driver, whose sticker is 'disorderly conduct,' Texas sheriff says

Casey Dawson
November 17, 2017

A day later, the driver said the sticker would not be coming down.

A photo posted on social media showing a truck sticker with an expletive directed toward President Donald Trump is going viral and prompting local law enforcement to search for the driver.

In the comments of his post, Sheriff Nehls cited Texas disorderly conduct laws as: "(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly: "(1) uses abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace; (2) makes an offensive gesture or display in a public place, and the gesture or display tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace".

But what caused outrage was Nehls statement that per the station's prosecutor "she would accept disorderly conduct charges regarding it". "I'm sure the citizens that pay your salary would appreciate you doing your job instead of whatever this is".

"I understand I have 12 children of our own, at the same time, what we have on the back of our truck is nothing compared to what you see every day on the music videos, see on TV and video games".

"My kids can read, and I don't want this garbage in front of them", one user said. "Please advise! I'm feeling really offended right now".

It's not uncommon for bumper stickers to bluntly convey political viewpoints, from messages like "Impeach Clinton" during Bill Clinton's presidency to "Hail to the Thief" after George W Bush's 2000 election win over Al Gore.

Houston-area sheriff goes after driver with 'offensive' anti-Trump decal

"Constitutional Law 101: You can't ban speech just because it has "f@ck" in it", the group wrote.

A profane anti-Trump sticker is drawing outrage from a Texas community and its sheriff, who wants a couple to change the sticker on their truck so it doesn't contain obscenities. During the press conference, Nehls said he had no regrets about the controversial Facebook post.

"We have not threatened anybody with arrest; we have not written any citations", Nehls said. "Now you have a breach of the peace". "With people's... mindset today, that's the last thing we need".

However, The Houston Chronicle did name one of the truck's drivers - Karen Fonseca, whose husband reportedly owns the truck.

She said the decal had attracted attention before and that she had been pulled over, but had never gotten a ticket. In fact, the Texas resident said most people will shake their head or just take a picture of it.

Mike Fonseca said the sticker would remain on his truck. And she says she speaks for many.

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