Peace plea at Trump protest

Casey Dawson
November 7, 2017

"We have not heard detailed analysis of expected USA or allied force casualties, expected civilian casualties, what plans exist for the aftermath of a strike - including continuity of the South Korean Government".

Thousands of South Koreans called for peace in a protest against an upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump as he begins a two-week Asia tour amid heightened tensions over North Korea's nuclear and missile tests.

The Post reported that a statement from 16 lawmakers - all but one of them Democrats - obtained along with the Pentagon letter said the "assessment underscores what we've known all along: There are no good military options for North Korea".

Four surface vessels from the three countries - South Korea's King Sejong Aegis destroyer, the US Navy's USS Chafee Aegis destroyer as well as the Australian Navy's escort ships Melbourne and Parramatta - are taking part in the drills, with South Korean and US P-3 aircraft providing support and training on searching and tracking vessels carrying WMD. "It's given North Korea a reason to say, 'Hey, we need a bomb, because if we don't have a bomb we're going to not be able to protect ourselves and they'll come after us [sic]'".

It comes after a series of missile and nuclear tests in the past few months, a sharp escalation from recent years. "Every once a while in the past they underestimated us".

Donald Trump addresses United States troops at Yokota air base in Fussa, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

The Pentagon said that calculating "best- or worst-case casualty scenarios" was challenging and would depend on the "nature, intensity and duration" of a North Korean attack; how much warning civilians would have to get to the shelters in South Korea; and the ability of US and South Korean forces to respond to North Korean artillery, rockets and missiles.

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Former Secretary of State John Kerry said in a new interview airing Monday that President Donald Trump "has given North Korea a reason" to obtain and hold on to nuclear weapons.

In the USA military the Joint Chiefs of Staff directly advise the President on military matters.

In his response, Mr Dumont noted that the United States' military and intelligence agencies are evaluating North Korea's ability to target heavily populated areas of South Korea with long-range artillery, rockets and ballistic missiles.

Givens, who spent four years stationed in Korea, added that the figures did not take into account potential use of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang.

Robert Park was tortured after crossing into North Korea on Christmas Day 2009.

North Korea has said in public statements that it wants an official end to the Korean War.

In June, the Treasury Department declared the Bank of Dandong a "primary money laundering concern" for serving as a gateway for North Korea to access the U.S. and worldwide financial systems despite USA and United Nations sanctions.

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