Blizzard will make StarCraft II free-to-play this month

Leigh Mccormick
November 6, 2017

In addition to revealing the free-to-play aspects of StarCraft II, Morhaime provided additional details about the latest additions to the game. The update will include the Wings of Liberty campaign, access to ranked multiplayer, and all Co-op Commanders up to Level 5. In the seven years since it released in 2010, StarCraft II has awarded over $11M in prizes to competitors. Players will gain access after achieving 10 "first win of the day" achievements, something that Blizzard have explained will mean the Ranked mode isn't flooded with rookie players or smurf accounts. Users just need to log-in to between November 8 and December 8 to claim it.

Players who already owned any version of StarCraft II prior to October 31 will receive a special Eidolon Ghost skin and three portraits commemorating their founder's status in the game when StarCraft II goes free-to-play.

The original Wings of Liberty campaign. This is great news for gamers who have been wanting to get into the game. "As the Zerg finally spring their attack, Jim Raynor and company must deal with Dominion forces, Zerg infestations, and Protoss (a psionic race of humanoid alien) relations".

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The original Wings of Liberty campaign - Experience the original epic campaign that kicked off the StarCraft II saga!

Fans will also be happy to hear that players will be able to access the ladder of all three games in the series. They are now making an early appearance at BlizzCon 2017 along with a new co-op mission called Part and Parcel. If you have already bought any of those, then you'll soon be receiving an exclusive Ghost skin and three new portrait options. Later this month a major patch will be released for SCII that unlocks more content for free users that was previously only available to owners of Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm or Legacy of the Void.

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