Iraq says negotiations with Kurds have failed

Casey Dawson
November 3, 2017

Iraqi forces on Wednesday (11/2/2017), threatened to continue operations to seize the northern region which is under the control of the Kurds after accusing local authorities of delaying the handover of Iraqi border controls with Turkey, Iran and Syria.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday evening announced that government forces had secured all parts of Iraq "disputed" between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

On Wednesday, Peshmerga officials loyal to northern Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) said the Faysh Khabur crossing remained operational and "under Peshmerga control".

Abadi ordered economic and military retaliation against the KRG after Iraqi Kurds voted for independence in September in a referendum that Baghdad declared illegal.

The the Iraqi army joint command accused the leadership of the Kurdish autonomy of breaching all previously reached agreements with Baghdad.

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According to the statement, throughout the negotiations, the Kurdish autonomy carried out the redeployment of its troops and the construction of new defensive fortifications in order to impede the advancement of the federal troops.

The accusations between the two sides came as the Iraqi forces are pushing to redeploy in all the areas that the Kurdish region had extended after 2003.

Turkish security forces killed 19 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants in the province of Hakkari that borders Iraq, the Turkish armed forces said Thursday, after eight members of Turkey's security forces were killed in clashes.

The Kurdish Peshmerga fighters' command accused Iraqi forces of massing weapons and threatening force to resolve "domestic political differences".

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