Trump's 'extreme vetting' has already been 'enhanced'

Casey Dawson
November 2, 2017

"Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!", the president said in a post to Twitter Tuesday night.

Uber said in a statement that Saipov had worked as a driver for the ride service before the attack. It was the deadliest terror attack in NYC since 9/11.

Shortly after the authorities revealed Saipov was a green card holder who had moved to the 2010, Trump announced he would make the USA vetting program even more intense for immigrants from certain countries.

Much has been made of the very different responses from President Donald Trump for the Las Vegas shooting that claimed 58 lives, when a gunman opened fire from above during the final act of a a country music festival, and the NY attack, where a driver plowed into a bike lane just before rush hour.

This response, taking action against Muslims, is in stark contrast with Trump's response to the Las Vegas shooting recently.

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At the time, the White House immediately tried to cash in on the baseless accusations and used it to justify Trump's unconstitutional executive ban on immigrants from Muslim countries. The decision is because of the NY bombing that killed 8 people and injured 11. Chuck Schumer, he has also since sought to end the program.

"Why did the president call the United States justice system a joke and a laughingstock -" Acosta said before Sanders cut in and said, "That's not what he said".

A few hours earlier, Trump had referred to the Islamic State terror group in another tweet although the organisation has not yet claimed the New York City attack. Additionally, Wednesday next morning, he called for the diversity visa program to be replaced with "merit based" immigration. We have to get much smarter. But now Trump has shifted his attention elsewhere - to an attack in NY involving a man who shouted "Allahu akbar".

At the opening of a meeting with his Cabinet, Trump called for "punishment that's far quicker, and far greater, than the punishment these animals are getting right now".

The next 24 hours - and the 24 hours after that, etc. - were also not an appropriate time to discuss potential legislation to address the scourge of gun violence, which has claimed vastly more United States lives than terrorism on American soil since 2001. "Sounds nice. It's not's not good".

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