Gamers can Play as Aloy in 'Monster Hunter

Leigh Mccormick
November 1, 2017

Capcom released today a new set of Monster Hunter World screenshots. Players can hunt the Great Jagras, the Anjanath, or the armoured Barroth. And the good news is that players will get to opportunity to play as the "Horizon Zero: Dawn" main character and excellent dinosaur hunter, Aloy.

Starting on the 9th December, the beta will allow Playstation Plus players to experience three quests on the hunt for odd, wonderful and powerful monsters: the Great Jagras, capable of swallowing other monsters whole, the Anjanath which roams the Ancient Forest and the armoured Barroth which dwells in the desert land of the Wildspire Waste.

World PS Plus Beta and Horizon Zero Dawn Special Collaboration Gear for PS4.

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The first crossover for PlayStation 4 has been announced, and it involves "Horizon Zero Dawn" and the soon to be released "Monster Hunter World". They will be able to look just like the bow-wielding hero and fight against real flesh covered monsters instead of the robotic kind she's used to. The Radobaan, a hulking beast that wears the carcasses scattered around the Vale for armor will need hunters to be quick and fast as they take off chunks of its bone armor and avoid its rolling attacks. After completing the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest, which is planned to be distributed to online players post launch, special materials can be obtained to forge collaboration equipment.

Monster Hunter: World releases January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fans are encouraged to wait for more updates regarding the game's developments.

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