Google's CEO Vows to Correct Company's Glaring Burger-Emoji Error

Leigh Mccormick
October 31, 2017

The Google emoji places the cheese under the burger patty and closer to the bottom bun.

It was writer and publisher Thomas Baekdal who first drew our attention to the mess that is the Google hamburger. Some defended putting the lettuce under the patty, while others retaliated that, actually, the tomato should go on the bottom.

Does the cheese in a burger go above or beneath the patty?

Baekdal's tweet has been tweeted almost 14,000 times at the time of writing, with over a thousand users also providing their opinions over the topic. On the other hand, Google's cheese slice would dissolve into a sticky puddle on the bun, making it soggy and hard to eat.

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With that established, Google's cheeseburger emoji is all kinds of wrong.

"The burger emoji battle is fun, but let's take a moment to point out that Microsoft is the only one that gets it completely right", one user wrote. "I can't believe anybody would stack it like that emoji", wrote one user.

Google emojis ― which can be found on the company's Android devices (or on Gmail, Google Hangouts or ChromeOS) ― are only getting more and more realistic.

So, assuming Google must've known something when they created their emoji, we want to know: what's the correct way to assemble a burger? The company is launching its flagship Pixel 2 smart phone, teaching supercomputers how to play board games, developing self-driving cars, delivering Wi-Fi from weather balloons - and doing all the other Google stuff, like running YouTube and Gmail and Search. He tweeted that he would drop everything and address the issue on Monday.

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