NFL Owner Sparks Outrage by Describing Athletes as 'Inmates'

Lawrence Cooper
October 29, 2017

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair met with the team's roster on Saturday, the latest development sparked by his recent controversial remark comparing National Football League players to prisoners. It was later revealed that Hopkins took the day off because of McNair's inflammatory comment.

The Houston Chronicle reported the unscheduled meeting with Texans players, stating that McNair once again apologised. And he wasn't finished there.

Before the excerpted audio, Gottlieb criticized McNair (who has since apologized) for butchering the idiom, which is "inmates running the asylum" (not prison), before addressing Hopkins' reaction.

"I don't believe he is the only owner that feel that way. smh", Decoud tweeted.

"I am truly sorry to the players for how this has impacted them and the perception that it has created of me which could not be further from the truth".

President Trump began attacking the NFL players last month, calling Colin Kaepernick a "son of a bitch", and moved his focus to the NFL owners and the NFL itself after players not only continued their protests, but ramped them up as more players and even owners joined in.

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McNair, 79, has since gone on record to express his "regrets" about using "that expression", insisting it was a "figure of speech that was never meant to be taken literally".

"I let them know that number one, the last thing I want to be is a distraction to the team", McNair told Fox 26 on Saturday.

Saying he wasn't surprised by what McNair said, Brown added, "This is a skill and a talent we hone in from when we were six, seven years old".

"I'm 100 percent with these players", O'Brien said. Anybody that feels like we're given this and we're just privileged to have this money; yes we're grateful for it. Previously, however, the Brown-McNair relationship wasn't great, apart from the player's holdout. You don't understand the expression. "We can't let you speak for yourself'".

The Texans have not yet decided what they will do during the national anthem before Sunday's game in Seattle, but Brown said he "can't stay quiet about it".

"It's frustrating, but I don't think it should discourage anybody".

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