VVVVVV's Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced; New Trailer Released

Steve Phelps
October 25, 2017

The GameCube controller, being a product of its time, obviously lacks a few buttons that the Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller have. Red Bull Games got to interview the developer and, interestingly, Golf Story was originally meant to be on the Wii U. Sidebar Games also revealed that Nintendo was very helpful in bringing their game to the Switch platform.

As soon as we discovered that the GameCube controller adapter worked with the Nintendo Switch, an urgent thought pushed into our brains: "Is Nintendo preparing for something?"

In the video above, you can see that when you plug in a GameCube controller via the adapter, it will register on the Nintendo Switch as a USB controller, and all of the buttons will map automatically.

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Though using the GameCube controllers on the Switch is fun, there is one restriction.

However, others are reporting (in reply to Master Mewking's tweet) that they're having problems getting up and running with their GameCube controllers. What is nice about the implementation on the Switch is that support is not limited to a single game. But, now the support is pretty much official.

It seems like controller support could be just that, although it only has fans even more convinced that a Switch Virtual Console or a new Super Smash Bros.is in the works. The company in their recent update added a bunch load of features including the ability to connect wireless headphones when in docked mode, allows players to transfer data to a new system and also enabled video capture support.

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