Director James Toback Accused of Sexual Harassment By Over 30 Women

Lawrence Cooper
October 24, 2017

"If you were involved in the film business in the '90s you knew that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator".

Toback, for what it's worth, has denied the allegations of all 38 women (31 of which were wiling to speak on the record in that Times story). He had to explain to them who he was. He went on to say he has been warning actresses for years to stay away from Toback. I'm a movie director.

The women have accused Toback of masturbating in front of them, rubbing himself up against them, asking inappropriate questions of a sexual nature and asking them to perform sexual acts. "I have personally met at least FIFTEEN WOMEN, probably more, who say that he's accosted them in NYC", wrote Gunn in a lengthy Facebook post, which he also shared on Twitter titled "Why I've despised James Toback for over 20 years". He also told the paper that he had a heart condition and diabetes, making the allegations "biologically impossible".

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, another high-profile name has been accused of sexual harassment by several women.

He has made films with prominent actors like James Caan and Robert Downey, Jr. His opening line had a few variations, according to The Times.

"It's a common thread among many women I know ... after someone mentions they were sexually abused by a creepy writer-director, the response is, 'Oh, no". In 2000, a New York Times article called it a chronicle of "Mr. Toback's own exploits as a pickup artist"; a 1997 profile in the Los Angeles Times noted, presumably as a compliment, that "his own libido is so legendary that Spy magazine once published a fold-out chart of his conquests". "The numbers are staggering". But eventually, she went to hotel room with Toback, where - despite her reservations - he persuaded her to get undressed, she said. When she recoiled, he stood up and ejaculated in his trousers.

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"The way he presented it, it was like, 'This is how things are done, '" LaValley told the newspaper.

"I felt like a whore, a disappointment to myself, my parents, my friends".

She claimed, "He told me he'd love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes".

Starr Rinaldi, once an aspiring actress, recalled a similar experience about 15 years ago.

When the actress jumped away from him, he ejaculated in his trousers. "I am really uncomfortable", she replied. Eventually, he invited her to his hotel room, hinting that he could cast her in a movie. "I couldn't stop him, but I could warn people about him". She needed to remove her clothes.

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