Iran nuclear deal: Khamenei denounces Trump's 'rants and whoppers'

Casey Dawson
October 19, 2017

Trump accuses Iran of supporting terrorism and says the 2015 deal does not do enough to block its path to acquiring nuclear weapons. "I don't think there is a majority in the U.S. Senate that wants to abolish the deal". Iran says it does not seek nuclear arms and in turn blames the growth of militant groups such as Islamic State on the policies of the United States and its regional allies.

"It has always been our plan to develop our ties and relations with Europe within our values and beliefs", opined the Iranian official touching upon Iran-Europe relations after the landmark agreement of 2015, "However, the truth is that Europe has not done the same since the nuclear deal was signed".

The deal signed in Vienna in 2015 between Iran and six world powers - the U.S., Britain, Russia, France, China, and Germany - saw internationally observed limitations to Iran's nuclear weapons program in return for the lifting of worldwide sanctions. "The president of the United States has many powers (but) not this one", the European Union foreign policy chief stressed.

Speaking in a Wednesday meeting with a group of elite students in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei strongly condemned Europe for reiterating the USA remarks about Iran's regional presence and missile program, saying that such issues are none of their business.

"They must avoid interfering in our defence programme", Khamenei said.

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"Or if they ask, 'Why does Iran have missiles?' then our response is, 'Why do they have missiles and nuclear weapons?'"

"The Europeans' following of America's bullying policy is not acceptable for Iran", he said. Why do you have missiles yourselves?

The Trump administration has imposed new unilateral sanctions targeting Iran's missile activity.

"We will not tear the nuclear deal apart as long as the other side does not do so, but if they ripped it apart, we will shred it", he went on to say.

The Leader further hit back at Trump's anti-Iran allegations and said US President Donald Trump shows stupidity, but this should not distract Iran from the Americans' deceitfulness.

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